Student Showcase: Kayla Candrilli

Faggots Fairies, faggots, fairies. I believe in fairies, have ever since Peter Pan. Tinker with this, tinker with that. Break the line no matter the cost. The way their wings spread, eagles the size of my thumb—heads platinum blond—or white? The way … [Continue reading]

Student Showcase: Elise Gruber

Legacy My brother says, it’s probably easier for people who are the same race to date each other, and baby, I was this close to telling him how right he was, and this close to telling him to shut his face. It’s been worrying me though, you and … [Continue reading]

Student Showcase: Carlos Chism

 The Secret Under the Big Tree She’s the reason you look forward to recess every day, the reason you quickly finish your lunch even though you’d rather savor that peanut butter and jelly sandwich, pack of animal crackers, and Hi-C juice your mom … [Continue reading]

Student Showcase: Dan McCool

Shocking In an unexplained fit of hopefulness I’d decided to get “Always walk tall” tattooed on my leg.  A reminder to myself to keep obeying my skin no matter what.  Make it Latin to be even more official, as if proffered from the Vatican or some … [Continue reading]


Welcome to the new, revamped homepage for Penn State's Creative Writing Department! … [Continue reading]

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