2018 Writing Contest Winners

2018 Undergraduate and Graduate Writing Awards,  Penn State English Department

(Judged by Jillian Cantor)
(Judged by Elizabeth May)
1. Nakul Grover, “Dear Mrs. Nair” 1. William Carpenter, “Citronella Candles: Life After a Wake”
2. Molly Jennings, “La Punxada” 2. Nakul Grover, “Between Parallel Mirrors”
3. Kaitlyn Nash, “The Rayburn Browning Effect” 3. John Gaus, “The Good, the Bad, and the Manic”


Lehman—NON Fiction
(Judged by Michael Bérubé)
Nichols—NON Fiction
(Judged by Casey Wiley)
1.    Molly Jennings, “A Family Man” 1. William Carpenter, “The Cost of Scar Tissue”
2.  Sarah LaMaster, “An Accident Waiting to Happen” 2. Collin Van Son, “And Your Bird Can Sing”
3.  Fitzroy Lewis, “Undarkening the Sky”
(World Campus student)
3. Natalie Shoch, “It’s Just Me”


(Judged by Rachael Wiley)
1. Kathyleen O’Leary, “Artemis Reclaims” and “Ante Meridiem”
1.  Andrew Weller, “The Way Fathers Fade” and  “AW”
4. Kate Stoak, “Sapphires and Rubies”


(Judged by Leah Poole Osowski)
2.   Neomi Chao, “In Erie, Pennsylvania”**
2. Susan Muth, “Fort Bragg, 2005”
3. Kathyleen O’Leary, “Modern Saints”


(Judged by Leah Poole Osowski)
1. Anushka Shah, “Grandfather’s Love”
2. Andrea Brown, “Winter in Snohomish”
3. Neomi Chao, “Two Old Ones Eating Soup”
(Erie—The Behrend College student)
4. Danielle Fruehan, “In Yesterday”


AAP/Steinberg Prize:
(Judged by Gabeba Baderoon)
Winner: Danielle Fruehan for “In Yesterday”

Runner up: Elizabeth Hopta for “War Wakes My Grandfather Again”

Toby Thompson Prize:
(Judged by Bill Cobb and Lisa Sternlieb)
Elizabeth Hopta, “You Can’t Always Get What You Want”

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