2017  Writing Contest Winners


(Judge: Anne McCarthy, Penn State)
(Judge: Robert Alderman, Penn State)
1. Andrew Swiatek, “The Life of the Earth” 1. Brayden Ford, “Alistair White and the Girl Who Wasn’t There”
2. *James Anthony,
“Six Hundred and Twenty-Four Acres”
2. Kelly Jedrzejewski, “Ships in the Night”
3. Abigail Kennedy, “Fair Trade” 3. Madeline DeLuca, “Clothes for Protection”


Lehman—NON Fiction  (Judge: Jennifer Hirt, Penn State, Harrisburg) Nichols—NON Fiction
(Judge: Jennifer Hirt, Penn State, Harrisburg)
1. Angela Roman, “Reverberations” 1. Samantha Bixler, “How to Grow Up”
2.  Abigail Houston, “Natural” 2. Julia Martin,
“What Kind of Music Do You Listen To?”
3.  Nathaniel Sutherland,
“A Place of Vast Repute for Blessed Power”
3. Julia Silver,  “On OCD, and Index”


Lehman—Poetry (Judge: Emily Grosholtz, Penn State)
1. Molly Brennan, “Room 104”
2. Makensi Ceriani, “When I Had Long Hair”
3. Danielle Fruehan, “Siamese Fighting Fish”


Cranage—Poetry  (Judge: Katie Bode-Lang, Penn State)
1. William Fitzgerald, “Keystone”
2. Nakul Grover, “Standing in Grandma’s Garden” and “Temple on the Hill”
3. Danielle Fruehan, “Learning to Sew”
4. Melissa Bradley, “I was meaning to tell you”


Mihelcic—Poetry  (Judge: Emily Grosholtz, Penn State)
1. Kate Wright, “Fishtail”
2. Erin Servey, “Asheville”
3. Elizabeth Catchmark, “Surplus”
4. Andrew Slavinsky, “Boards and Screws”



Winner: Makensi Ceriani, “When I Had Long, Dark Hair”
Runner up: Caitlin Wolper, “Cherry Springs State Park”
(Judge: Jeff Gundy, professor of English, Bluffton University, Ohio)

Toby Thompson Prize:
Lauren Parrott, “Her”
(Judges: Robin Becker and James Brasfield, Penn State)

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