2016 Writing Contest Winners


2016 Undergraduate & Graduate Writing Awards          

Lehman—Fiction  (Judge: Tom Williams ) Nichols—Fiction  (Judge: Imad Rahman)
1. Abigail Houston, “The Foreigner” 1. Angela Roman, “Would You, Could You?”
2. Sydney Doyle, “StarChat” 2. Kathryn Czekalski, “Vernon, North Georgia”
3. Lauren Spinabelli, “First Kiss” 3. Kaitlyn Nash, “It Was Theirs”
4. Lauren Parrott, “Rooms”


Lehman—NON Fiction  (Judge: Ebony Coletu) Nichols—NON Fiction (Judge: Ebony Coletu)
­­­1. M. Jordan, “Stench” 1. Elizabeth Hopta, “Sunday’s Raging Hurricane”
2.  Elizabeth Hopta, “Sex” 2. Katerina Giordano, “The Sound of Us”
3.  Ashley Miller, “These Honored Dead” 3. Leon Valsechi, “Resting His Eyes”


Lehman—Poetry (Judge: Kate Rosenberg)
1. Devin Randall, “Oddity i”
2. Caitlin Wolper, “Gold-dipped Roses are Too Ornamental”
3. Angela Roman, “Boot Prints”


Cranage—Poetry (Judge: Kate Daniels)
1. Caitlin Wolper, “Gold-dipped Roses are Too Ornamental”
2. Kate Wright, “4 am Has a Funny Feeling”
3. Katerina Giordano, “Arse Poetica”


Mihelcic—Poetry (Judge: Kate Daniels)
1. Sydney Doyle, “Held Up” and “Deboning Trout”
2. Kate Wright, “The Dirt”
3. John Vallone, “Jellyfish Zen” and “Animals Eat”

Toby Thompson Prize for Literary Nonfiction (open to BA/MA students; Judges: Vicki Glembocki and Jason Cherkis)

1. Shannon Francis, “Three Days”

AAP/Steinberg Prize (Judge: Peter Cooley)
Winner:  Shannon Francis, “The Wolf”

Runner-up: Sydney Doyle, “Siri: Google Abortion”

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